Presents have always played an important role in our society, both for the giver and the receiver.  Now with confinement and social distancing, they can fulfill even better their function of building or strengthening family bonds, friendship, togetherness, love and gratitude.

This year we cannot, or could not, celebrate important dates with our families and friends - at least not in the way we usually do.  Nonetheless, celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries or Mother's Day were and will be very important.  The people we love so much, our mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, grandchildren, were and will be in our hearts and thoughts particularly on special dates.  Giving gifts is a way for them to receive our love and care.

giftgiving presents jewelry wrapping personalized jewelry family love handmade

Given the precautionary measures being taken worldwide because of the coronavirus, we are paying more attention to the origins of gifts - where they are made, the materials used, the wrapping and the conditions of delivery.  Taking care of each other expands beyond the family, the neighbourhood, town, city or country to the global family and supporting small businesses and artisans whenever possible is a way of contributing to many families in many places.  And, of course, we cannot forget that the drawings of the little artists in our own families are the perfect accompaniment for gifts!

giftgiving children drawings kids card family love confinement lockdown

We know that love and attention are the important things to receive on special dates but a well-chosen present can be a great way to help express our feelings.  Gifts bring us happiness, today more than ever.  

Until next time.