We are going through difficult times because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Our daily lives have changed in ways unimaginable just a few weeks ago, effecting all family members, from the oldest to the youngest.  Yet with the help, correct attitude and efforts of everyone, life will return to normal very soon.  

When this happens, it will be close to that time of year for one of the celebration that families cherish, First Holy Communion.  And this year, this family event will bring families and communities together as never before, returning us to joyous shared moments, without excesses or complications.  And at the heart of this day is the happiness experienced by the boys and girls who receive Jesus for the first time. 

Before the day, come all the preparations which parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends and teachers make because they know these preparations will bring smiles and joy and remind the new communicants of the importance of the day. The dress, the veil or crown for the hair, a cross or medal and the suit and cross for the boys are the simple but symbolic elements which make the day so very special.


The love and thoughtfullness put into the preparations and the gifts  are among the things which make this celebration a beautiful memory for all those who are present on that day.  A day of togetherness.

Photographer:  http://benedettamascalchi.com/